SV Damenkraft
Flirting with meaning
Contra-sexuality, performance and extending the realm of action

SV Damenkraft are Katrina Daschner, Sabine Marte, Gini Müller and Christina Nemec. They became a band in 2003 after collaborating on a range of projects. All of them are cultural producers in fields such as visual arts, performance, music, journalism, DJing, and dramaturgy. SV Damenkraft sing(song) to pre-produced electronic beats and do wild and blatant live stage performances.

An email interview of Gini Müller, Katrina Daschner and Sabine Marte by Paula Pulver and Susi Schrott.

Paula Pulver/Susi Schrott: If we translate SV Damenkraft into English, it would mean something like "Sports Club Ladies' Strength". What does the term "Lady" mean to you and where does the sporty attitude come in?

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As Foucault Says

Stay wet
Track by SV Damenkraft(2007)

Track by SV Damenkraft(2007)

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