SV Damenkraft, Sissy Boyz and Gustav
Orlanding the Dominant
Trip Away To Genderfuck. Text: Marty Huber. Translation: Erika Doucette

On the surface, Orlanding the Dominant is nothing more than a musical comedy employing clichés and risqué sexual innuendos: based on Virginia Woolf's Orlando -where the main, ageless, character traverses her/his gender over hundreds of years- this show gravitates somewhere between a burlesque strip show and a drag performance.

Directed and performed by SV Damenkraft, Sissy Boyz and Gustav, Orlanding the Dominant showcased at the Brut Konzerthaus Vienna in January 2008. With a refreshingly consistent portrayal of genderfucking, Orlando remains unstuck; each performer plays the title character and brings something special to the role: Orlando as butch, as femme, as sissy boy, as fair maiden. As such, Orlando becomes a deed or an act -"orlanding"- and performatively transgresses and transforms dominant ideas of gender expression. It is all there in Orlanding the Dominant: the dominant fem(me)ploitation heroine; the collective at work crocheting Orlando's entanglements, chiming together as a madrigal choir to sing the anti-hymn Ich bin fertig mit den Menschen! [I am done with mankind!]

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