Lesbians to the Rescue:
A Social Model

LTTR is a feminist genderqueer artist collective with a flexible, project-oriented practice. LTTR produces a series of performances, events, screenings and collaborations, and publishes an annual independent art journal. The group was founded in 2001 with an inaugural issue titled Lesbians to the Rescue, followed by Listen Translate Translate Record, Practice More Failure, and Do You Wish to Direct me? LTTR is Ulrike Müller, Emily Roysdon, Ginger Brooks Takahashi and K8 Hardy.
Katharina Morawek and Eva Egermann spoke with members of LTTR during their visit to Vienna, Austria about their artistic practice as 'A Social Model'.
Eva Egermann: "Performing what we want instead of protesting against what we do not want." Can you explain this a bit more?

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