Red Chidgey and Elke Zobl with Haydeé Jiménez
P-Rock Paradigms, Queer Hip Hop and Riot Grrrl Whiteness
Exploring the intersections of music, gender and ethnicity in feminist zines

Zines could almost go by another name: the passion press. Fuelled by love rather than profit, zines are homemade, idiosyncratic, arty journals, which are as eccentric as their makers' desires. Emerging in the early twentieth century from science fiction writing communities, these periodicals mutated into Xeroxed Football, TV, Rap, and Punk fanzines alongside the rise of everyday office technology and post-war fandoms.

Zines are crucial to the development of subcultural identities and political ideologies. Fans themselves become cultural producers through writing, editing, designing, publishing and disseminating their own texts - sometimes alone and sometimes in a group. The spread of desktop publishing and wider zine networking in the late 1980s saw the zine scene explode: from cooking zines to subversive colouring books, survivor rape diaries to thrift store chic, DIY publications sprung up on any topics imaginable. The digital realm inalienably shaped zine culture, but paper zines still exist in their thousands -the in-your-hand nature of zines is hard to beat.

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