Sleater Kinney
In fear of music
Sushila Mesquita and Ulli Mayer interviews Janet Weiss from the band Sleater Kinney

"When you are in a band for this long, you hear things like 'Oh, I already like Sleater-Kinney and I know exactly what they sound like' ... we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were capable of going beyond ourselves." Carrie Brownstein, guitarist and vocalist

Performing under the name Sleater-Kinney, Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss tend to make people uncomfortable. Taking up the fight against music as a simple entertainment product, or protesting against female rock musicians being linked and measured to their male buddies -this band calls for a sound that has no gender.

On their last visit to Austria in 2005, and before the bands' decision to go on indefinite hiatus in summer 2006, Ulli Mayer and Sushila Mesquita talked to drummer Janet Weiss about the political impact of their music, the importance of independent feminist movements, and the working process for The Woods.

Ulli Mayer/Sushila Mesquita: Do you feel there is an impact from Ladyfest in your community? Here in Europe the festival has really brought people together.

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