Emma Luise Scout Niblett
The catharsis of screaming

She doesn't appreciate being compared. Whether it be Cat Power, Daniel Johnston or PJ Harvey. Emma Luise Scout Niblett, born in the early 1970s and raised in the moorlands of Staffordshire studied Arts in Nottingham, shifting focus towards musical production in the late 90s. In 2001 she records her first album "Sweet Heart Fever" with drummer Kristian Goddard. Already her second album "I Am" is produced by Noiserock-Legend Steve Albini who previously worked with Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey and Pixies. Her reduced, almost hollowed out style, appears somehow sad and groggy only to repeatedly break out in bursts of rough voiced vocal pieces as if she just gave a damn about all that melancholic miasma.

In 2007 Marty Huber met Scout Niblett before her Vienna-gig and talked with her about idiots, the catharsis of screaming, home and good cover-versions. dr dra transcribed the interview.

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